Some thoughts on the #War in #Ukraine

1) one year later and no society preparation of a bigger war is ongoing. No raise in #military production. No implementation of a #conscription. It’s like the #german government is avoiding telling or to do the truth.

2) #russian soldiers are #dehumanizing themselves. It’s like the #tale of the German WW2 #soldiers, which are like demons in story’s – are role model. And that’s the image they like to show to everyone? No #honor – no #humanity in every action done on the #russian side. No #good. #Meetgrinder – it’s my #unwort of the last year. 

3) the ‚sitting on the fence’ strategy of a lot of #Nations – like #India – was clearing to my mind. #Germany will be soon only the 4-5 biggest country in economic income. There is no way around #Europe any longer. And still there is not enough energy to rework all the issues. #europeanunion is too big to fail and too big to #change.

4) Germany the bad boy – at least in the everlasting storys of the #polnish right wing or the ever back looking #British or #Greek establishment leaving me sort of speechless.  WW2 is now more than 80 years gone. Nearly no one participating in that war is still living. I am the second generation born after that war; The 4th generation is growing up. I am tired of that #topic. Don’t get me wrong; The #horrors done by my ancestors leaves a burden – and will not be forgotten. But any demands for compensation are addressed to these generations. I’m in line with the German government to decline any of those demands. On my side – I find the demands to be an #diplomatic affront; they are torn out of time.
On behalf of the living outer crisis’s ahead of us – it’s a political foul play to distract from internal affairs of that country’s.

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