What causes a lipoma? A Theory

I am one of many people having developed over time Lipoma. As it tends to be a family thing (in my Family) and the internet did not come up with a „why“ – i thought – why shouldn’t be a „genetic advantage“ rather than a „genetic disease“.

So – to be clear – THIS IS A THEORY – and i am no medicine related person – i am just someone with an idea. To proof or disproof it – it needs someone doing a proper medical research.

First assumption:
The body -for the most parts- does not do anything without a purpose.

Second assumption:
As it seems to be family-related thing – it seems to be a genetical thing.

A Lipoma could be a way of the body to shut off cancer cells or other substances the body can’t handle. You can think of it like a „prison of body fat“.  As the prison tends to grow – as there is no stopping trigger – the original „inprisoned cancer cell“  cannot be proofed – espacially if the original cancer cell was „starved to death“.  Other substances may be proofable.

Potentiall ways of proofing:

  • An extraced lipoma coul show potential toxic chemical substances when run through mass spectrometer (cancer cell would not show up)
  • Another way of cross checking is to statistically check a great count of persons having lipoma and their dendencys to have other kinds of cancer to the „normal“ comparision group.

So – maybe someone will go that way and research it. It may result in „it is just another minor genetical disease“ – but if my theory proofs – it maybe open a way of treating cancer patiants.

What causes a lipoma? A Theory